Expedite Insurance Reimbursements

Bogged down in billing? Frustrated with insurance, contract or government reimbursements? Our specialists provide Revenue Cycle Management that returns on investment so you can focus on ways your team provides quality of care and patient and family satisfaction.

Launch New Ventures

Setup of your private or group practice offers a set of unique challenges and opportunities. Our specialists guide you through unfamiliar terrain as you learn to manage operations, acquire credentialing, and initiate practice paneling. From application to contract, and electronic claims remittance to transfer of funds, we make certain you have the foundation you need to succeed as a new practice.

Navigate Practice Management

Overwhelm is a choice. Making a different decision increases efficiency, employee satisfaction, improves work flow, increases client base and practice growth, attracts profitable providers, and much more.  Our coaching and consulting options help you acquire the empowered leadership skills needed to know when to be hands-on , when it’s time to delegate or outsource, and where to place your focus for optimum outcomes and enhanced value.

Credentialing and Contract Negotiation

MPCS provides a full service credentialing package for both new and existing practitioners.  Whether it be first time credentialing, new practice setup, adding new providers or maintaining existing credentials for providers and practices, we help expertly navigate the path to contracting with Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance payers.
In addition, we are willing to work with existing insurance contracts to negotiate higher reimbursement rates.

Get Advice about Electronic Health Record

What is the best way to manage vital records, custom reports, payroll, client notes, billing functions, and all the clerical aspects of practice management? We strategically partner with industry leaders in Electronic Health Record (E.H.R.) Solutions to offer your practice unprecedented value, service fulfillment, and streamlined resource management – without sacrificing the high degree of personal attention you deserve.

Accelerate the Growth of Your “Very Important Practice”

Upon request, we offer VIP Client Experiences, designed to help each individual practice manager and his or her team fulfill the promise of their passion and purpose as independent health care providers.

Our Tailored Passion and Purpose Full Practice Consulting and Coaching Packages

  • Monthly individual or small group coaching calls with managing physicians, staff members and team to increase competency and value to the practice
  • Quarterly 1:1 consulting for the practice owner or manager with one of our in-house experts to work on, not in, your practice so you can stay on track and focus on growth
  • Improve work flow, service, personnel and client satisfaction by building an invested learning community over time.