E.H.R. Done Right Can Increase Quality of Care and Revenues in Your Practice

When you’re working in your practice, does the clinical side drive the billing?

The answer to this question should be a resounding “yes!” If it’s not, your electronic health records system is not functioning as it should. And that’s bad for your practice. Check out these 3 facts you may not know about E.H.R. management.

  1. A quality E.H.R. increases quality of care.

Manual entry of claims is outdated. Negatives include increasing room for error, opening the practice to audit issues, and coding incorrectly. Each of these issues can each negatively impact the patient’s quality of care – and the practice’s bottom line.

Instead, choose a quality E.H.R. solution and work with your practice management consultant to set up a system that tracks from the appointment to the date of service. Every patient transaction, financial or otherwise, should be linked, traceable, and clean.

  1. The addition of E.H.R. increases collections.

The fear among practitioners is often that the addition of E.H.R. will cost too much, and affect the bottom line negatively. This fear isn’t the reality. Instead, the addition of E.H.R. creates increase when implemented properly and fully.  A practice manager assures you’re getting full benefit for the system you’ve chosen, and that you get what you pay for. Part of this service includes plugging any money leaks in the collection process for outstanding revenues, ensuring that collections – and revenues – increase.

  1. Choosing the right  medical practice consultant is more important than the E.H.R.

One of the best things you can do to save money in your practice when initiating a new E.H.R. relationship is to include your practice management consultant on your E.H.R. demo call. Too often, practitioners get pushed to choose an E.H.R. solution quickly without understanding the level of support that should come with its successful implementation.

In other words, cheap solutions may not cost less in the long run.

The expertise of a professional practice management consultant will lead to a better software fit for your practice, and they know the right things to ask to make certain you get what you need. The decision to include them as part of the process, not as an afterthought, will eradicate indecision and save a lot of time and money.

In conclusion, as the shift to better quality patient care is the goal for all practices today, having a tried and true partner like Medical Practice Consulting Services is a must to maintain and grow your practice.

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dsc_5764-2Debbie Henderson, CEO, is a leading U.S. practice management consultant known for her ability to transform her clients’ practices and revenues so they can take back their passion and their lives. Learn more about her work at www.medicalpracticeconsultingservices.com.