Medical Practice Consulting Services—A full practice management and revenue cycle management company.

Medical Practice Consulting Services serves the needs of the community-based medical, psychiatric, behavioral, or substance abuse care provider who struggles with mindset, management, personnel, and cash flow. We help our clients maintain a streamlined, sustainable system and support so they can help more people, increase quality of care and revenues, and be a leader in their practice – and profession.

Medical Practice Consulting Services was founded in 2006 as the result of our now CEO taking a leap of faith by stepping into an independent realm. Debbie Henderson started off as a practice manager over a large behavioral health facility here in North Carolina. She decided to become an independent consultant because she was an expert in her field and was driven to do more for more people. The providers she worked hand in hand with soon followed suit, asking her to provide services to their independent practices.

She has helped and continues to help hundreds of providers find their place in the ever-changing business world of healthcare.

To continue the story…

I was in my junior year of undergrad at Gardner Webb University and had a heart and passion for helping people who suffered mentally and emotionally. My utmost goal was to have a master’s degree in social work in order to serve this population. Then things turned in a new direction for me. I met my husband, whose mother owned a revenue cycle management company, and the business aspect of serving the mental health community intrigued me. I began to see the picture in a new light and soon found my purpose in the plan. We started to develop a relationship and soon saw the benefit in helping each other.

Today, our company is located in Statesville, NC and we have a second office in N. Topsail Beach, NC where we have two full teams of experts serving our clients. Our company has nearly tripled in size from the onset and we expect it to triple again this year. I have, personally, been with the company for a little over 8 years and have loved working with the long-term providers we serve, both, locally and nationwide.

I started by learning the basics and am now the Director of Operations in a nationwide Revenue Cycle Management firm that serves some of the best providers in the mental health industry. I could not be more thankful for this opportunity that I never knew existed almost a decade ago. In more recent times, I have begun to work with Psychiatrists who are on the cutting edge of treating patients with Major Depressive Disorder by offering treatments such as TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and Spravato/Ketamine treatments.

It has been a key function of our firm to stay abreast of new FDA approved services, the details involved with coding, negotiating high reimbursement rates and getting paid quickly by payers. This process alone is not just for our specialized services, but also for medication management and therapy services that all of our providers offer.

Ultimately, Debbie and I believe in our clients and in their ability to launch new business ventures and we lay out the road map to get them to where they need to be. Our expertise is defined by the following:

  • Collaborating with providers to leave struggle, indecisiveness, overwhelm, and lack mentality behind
  • Preparing providers to feel ready and able to demonstrate pride in their practices
  • Increasing their visibility, credibility, and commitment
  • freeing up their time and energy, so they can step into their brilliance
  • coaching them to do the work they’re meant to do while living the life they’re meant to live

You can expect us to challenge you to grow, not simply maintain the status quo. Along the way, we help you stay in touch with the meaning and purpose that makes the journey worthwhile.

We believe in advocating and supporting the practices and independent practitioners serving communities in this arena. It is most important that providers be supported in all business decisions they may face. “We want to make it possible for practitioners to get their arms around their practices,” Debbie Henderson, our CEO, says. To expound, it is dyer that practitioners trust the people handling their revenue and see the results in their bottom line. By doing this, our firm helps practitioners what they do best, serve patients.

We understand that this process is not for everyone and it does present various obstacles (the good and the bad); however, overwhelm is a choice. Making a different decision, with your practice and revenue cycle management increases efficiency, employee satisfaction, improves workflow, increases client base and practice growth, attracts profitable providers, and much more.  Our coaching and consulting options help you acquire the empowered leadership skills needed to know when to be hands-on, when it’s time to delegate or outsource, and where to place your focus for optimum outcomes and enhanced value.

Taking a step outside of your comfort zone is a risk and I’ve always been taught that risk is spelled F.A.I.T. H. So, when faced with an opportunity to leap, I say jump and jump high. And in the process of it all learn to trust that it will all work out for your good and for the good of others around you.

Without a doubt, Debbie, myself, and our team share a strong bond: that of family, friendship, and commitment to service. Anyone will tell you our MPCS team treats clients like family.

In conclusion, today, our clients’ practices range in size from 1 to 100+ employees, and include solo medical practitioners, physician partners, dentists, nurse practitioners, and mental health cooperatives, among others.

Each relationship we cultivate directly benefits from the 5 steps of our signature “Proven Passion, Purpose and Practice Formula.” This formula continues to enhance our partners’ abilities to maximize the money created by their practices. We also offer enhanced coaching and consulting options designed to create new cash flow, train team, or mentor those who are ready to step into their leadership capacity in bigger ways.

Are you ready to make great strides in your practice?

We are Medical Practice Consulting Services, and we are delighted to help you.

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Kristin Wiggins
Director of Operations (COO)