province1“Before working with Medical Practice Consulting Services, I had no knowledge of the business side of managing and earning income through a private practice.”

Jodi Province
Jodi Province Counseling Services



The knowledge I needed to start and lead a successful, income producing practice was not taught in counseling education classes and taking time to earn another degree in business was not plausible.


Thankfully, Medical Practice Consulting Services was able to understand my needs and offer solutions and practical ideas to begin generating income.  They set up an organized system which allowed me to focus primarily on growing my private practice as well as giving attention to my patients.
MPCS sought out the most reliable and user friendly computer software, making my business process easier through electronic notes and billing submission.  We are now streamlined; our organization is reflected when a patient initially contacts us, in our front office when they arrive for their appointment, and when they leave our office.


The benefits from working with Medical Practice Consulting Services are numerous.  As a business owner, but most importantly a counselor, I am able to reach out with any practice management need, and they handle the follow up.  This hands-on aspect of working with MPCS allows me to spend quality time with my employees and patients.

Last, but not least, Medical Practice Consulting Services offers insight about the industry, presenting new ideas and offering ease in management solutions.



jonathanhancock1“As solo practitioner and clinic owner sometimes daily responsibilities can become extensive.”

Jonathan Hancock
The Simple Clinic




As a start up primary care clinician, I had very limited experience with the credentialing process. After struggling to get it all done, I was referred to Medical Practice Consulting Services. They wasted no time taking over this process, getting necessary applications completed in a timely manner.


As a result, I took control of the billing process, which has freed up my time to focus on clinical and other administrative responsibilities.

Plus, Medical Practice Consulting Services has worked directly with our clinic staff to educate, assist, and organize a system that reduces unpaid claims, expedites reimbursement on submitted claims, and identifies insurances that are potential non-payers.


As a direct consultant, Medical Practice Consulting Services has been instrumental in our clinic’s rapid growth through the development of an efficient clinic primary care delivery model.