Medical Practice Consulting Services serves the needs of the community-based health care provider who struggles with management, personnel, and cash flow. We help our clients maintain a streamlined, sustainable system and support so they can help more people, increase quality of care and revenues, and be a leader in their practice – and profession.

Our Signature Approach

We offer our clients our signature approach, “The Five Step Proven Passion and Purpose Full Practice Formula” that ensures physicians and practitioners have the systems and support they need to focus on patients, not problems.

We work together to alleviate the struggles of practice management, increase revenues, implement quality measures, improve client and employee satisfaction, and empower leaders.

The Five Step Proven Passion and Purpose Full Practice Formula

When you show up fully and go all in with us, you’ll learn precisely how your passion for your practice translates into revenues. We help you transform your problematic practice into a vehicle for your passion.

Step 1

Triage Resource Management

  • Find – and plug – the holes in your current revenue system
  • Increase your resource base immediately.
  • Review success measures and proven data
  • Mutual trust and solid information drives your decision making

Step 2

Feel Better, Fast: The Cash Flow Audit and Action Plan

  • Learn to identify places in the organization to save money and increase effectiveness
  • Cut down on overhead, and stop worrying about cash flow
  • Get your arms around the practice with monthly check-ins and ongoing support

Step 3

Understand Your Business Thermometer

  • Let go of development reporting and replace it with assessment and action
  • Understand the role measurement plays in practice management
  • Make clear, data driven decisions quickly and effectively

Step 4

Replace Symptoms with Systems

  • Review, identify weaknesses in your systems and identify next steps
  • Kick avoidance or procrastination to the curb, and solve problems as they arise
  • Trust in yourself and your team, with improved results across your practice operations

Step 5

Partner With Us: The Passion and Purpose Full Practice Rewards Program

  • Become a referral partner, and receive special bonuses and incentives, including a high resolution *Referral Partner* badge to display on your website to increase your visibility, credibility, and commitment to professional practice in your industry.
  • Commit to work with us (for a longer contracted term), and receive a high resolution *Partner* badge to display on your website to increase your visibility, credibility, and demonstrate your pride in your practice.
  • Set up financial or electronic means to keep our relationship in integrity on an ongoing basis.

Each year, we provide our clients with an in-depth annual review, where we take a look at what works, what needs improvement, and shifts needed to remain current with legislation, insurance, industry practices, or medical programs.