Vanessa Bentley Joins Medical Practice Consulting Services as Billing Manager

Ever wondered who’s the friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you call to get help with your billing? The delightful Vanessa Bentley, that’s who. As the new billing manager at Medical Practice Consulting Services, she oversees each part of that process. In addition to making certain you understand all your account information and balances, she handles insurance verification. That means she’s checking to ensure payments are posted from patients as well as insurance companies, and that benefits are clear and understandable.

Vanessa’s calm presence and self-assurance instills confidence in a wide range of situations. We decided to ask her how she came to be where she is today and share that with the MPCS community.

Here are four awesome things about Vanessa we think you’d like to know.

1. The medical profession is not just her job, it’s her calling.

Drawn to the medical field early in life, Vanessa has a lifelong love and commitment of being of service.

“I’ve always been a natural caretaker and it led me to the medical field,” she says. Once there, she discovered she wanted a holistic approach and became a Certified Nurses’ Assistant, or C.N.A., which allowed her to grow as a person and consider her natural gifts.

“I discovered I have the ability to stay calm in all types of situations.” she says.

2. She’s not just a people person, she has a passion for people.

Vanessa takes great satisfaction in helping a client on the phone; helping them to understand and ease their worries or concerns regarding their bills.

“It’s rewarding at the end of the day when I know I’ve given clients peace of mind,” she says.

3. Working with people of like mind makes all the difference in the world.

The work environment at Medical Practice Consulting Services was a major draw for Vanessa, helping her make the choice to join their team.

“The atmosphere here is very calming,” she says. “Debbie, Kristin and I share a mindset in a spiritual sense, and we all have the same faith base and foundation. We consult with each other on a business level, as well as an interpersonal level. Working with people of like mind makes for a good work atmosphere which feels welcoming.”

4. She advocates for self-care when choosing a life of service.

Even in a lovely work environment, some days can be stressful. As the mother of a toddler, Vanessa has learned the importance of taking care of herself. After tucking her little one into bed, she often takes a cleansing bath with essential oils to wash away any toxins from the day. By taking care of her own needs, she is better able to be fully present during the work day. She shows up wherever she is needed, making certain each detail of the billing department runs as smoothly as possible.

5. Support and encouragement from teachers was important in her early development.

In 6th and 11th grades, Vanessa had two teachers who requested their students write journal entries and share if they felt comfortable doing so. Putting pen to paper, Vanessa remembers the freedom of being able to express her beliefs freely.

“They were always supportive and encouraging, never shutting me down.” she recalls. The early support and encouragement was important to her growth as a young person. She grew into a caring individual who wanted to live a life of service.

That life of service has now brought her to fulfill the role of billing manager, where her efforts literally ensure that thousands of patients each year receive seamless medical care from MPCS clients, who are their preferred providers.

Welcome, Vanessa! We’re so glad you’re here.