Do you want to be independent and own your success?

Unfortunately, nurse practitioners often don’t make enough money working for physicians to live well based on the amount of effort they put into their jobs. Or, they may not be able to do the work they love, or fear what might happen if they were to choose to try to start their own practices.

We work with independent nurse practitioners to maximize the value of their master’s degrees and remove salary caps. For new start ups, we explore the possibilities of unlimited personal and professional potential. Once NPs learn to leverage time differently and move forward purposefully, they have the courage needed to grow a sustainable practice designed to increase their incomes well into the future.

We partner with nurse practitioners, making certain they are not alone during the stressful startup phase. We help them get credentialed, learn how to cash flow, and teach them how to structure their business so they can have financial freedom.

jonathanhancock1“As solo practitioner and clinic owner sometimes daily responsibilities can become extensive.”

Jonathan Hancock
The Simple Clinic

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