Marketing your Practice

Have you given much thought into marketing your practice? It’s always a good idea to start thinking about how your patients and your future patients perceive your practice. Medical Practice Consulting Services can help guide you and your practice into financial success. We expertly handle your billing and credentialing enabling you to achieve optimal revenue flow and organization. In addition to managing workflow, we can also market your practice.
Marketing starts at your front door. Here are 3 important things to consider when you think about your office location. Do you have a desirable location? Do you have a clean and clearly marked entrance with an attractive logo for your practice? Is your location easy to find? Is it easily mapped by Google? Signage and logo selection help guide your patients to you. Easy accessibility is a must for any growing practice.
When a patient walks through the front door, is the waiting room clean and clutter free? Creating a welcoming space for your patients is very important. Paint the walls a cheerful color. Provide comfortable chairs to sit in. A television with a practice or informative video or informational reading material are all things that will make a waiting room an enjoyable experience. This one time cost will enhance the atmosphere of your practice and keep patients coming back.
The next piece of advice to marketing your practice, is the most important. Hire friendly staff. This starts with the receptionist. They are the face of your practice. As we visit practices we see all scenarios both good and bad. Make sure your patients are greeted quickly and cheerfully . A warm welcome goes a long way
Every practice needs to take advantage of social media. Having an up to date Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn that drives business to your website is essential. Friends on social media are always looking for recommendations for new health care providers, deals on tires, hair stylists, vacation spots, and many different products and services. Information is freely passed between friends online. They can see ratings, pictures of your office, location and contact information needed to make an appointment. Your website for your practice plays a key role providing patients with a detailed description about you and your practice. This will always drive more business your way.
Medical Practice Consulting Services has partnered with a local marketing agency. Together we have all the tools and resources to help you get your marketing plan implemented. This is just one more valuable service we offer for our clients.
Before you begin, you must ask yourself “How am I different than the practice down the street?” By taking some of the advice above, you will be able to set yourself apart from the other practitioners. You will be offering great patient care while providing an attractive and appealing place to visit. Marketing and attention to detail will help your practice evolve and grow creating a nurturing environment for your ever growing patient population.