I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Annie Parker and I am the new marketing director here at Medical Practice Consulting Services. I am absolutely thrilled to be working along with an amazing team. It makes my job very enjoyable to be working with these women who care so much about every aspect of their job. The people behind this company care so much about their clients. Not a day is finished in this office until all emails from their clients are answered, and all information from the day is put to the system, so our clients can get paid.
I was using the kitchen at the office to bake pies and cakes for our local downtown Farmer’s Market here in Statesville, so I personally knew Debbie for about a year, before she hired me. Everyone in the office was a taste tester for any new recipe I decided to try. When Debbie approached me about wanting to grow her business, I knew right away that would be the right fit for me and my small family. I am quickly learning the world around practice management, how the revenue cycle process works, the personalization of each client’s needs, and how it all comes together.
If you are an existing client, or are interested in our services, please call, or come by our office, in beautiful historic downtown Statesville.